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Embryology Program

Molly Vollmer,
4-H Extension Educator

Valerie Schell 
4-H Extension Educator

Plymouth County 4-H
44 Obery Street 
Plymouth , Ma  02360


Plymouth County

Plymouth County Extension 4-H Program is offering a 4-H Embryology Program to schools and libraries for the spring season.  

The Plymouth County Extension Office offers rentals of incubators, fertile chicken eggs, curriculum books, posters and more for a small fee. This 4-H program teaches youth about developmental biology and responsibility of caring for a living creature. 

 The program takes a minimum of one month to complete as the chicks will hatch within 21 days of being incubated.  

The Plymouth County Extension Office will provide training on how to operate the incubators and will provide trouble shooting assistance with the program. 

Materials Available: 

Fertile Eggs by the Dozen 
Curriculum for grades 2-5 
Curriculum for grades 6-8 
Embryology Posters 
Chick Feed   

If you are interested in being a 4-H Volunteer or sponsoring a 4-H Club, please contact an Extension Educator at 781-293-3541.

 For more information about this 4-H program or to join, please contact: Molly Vollmer at :

Plymouth County 4-H 
44 Obery Street
Plymouth, MA 02360 
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